We stand as allies to LGBTQIA+

🏳️‍🌈 We stand as allies to LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈

Hi, I’m Rani, the owner of Saint Savoy. I’d like to share how important it is to me for everyone to feel INCLUDED, to belong, to feel accepted, and recognized in general.

Pride month for me is about all of us as humans. We all want to belong and to me that means LOVE. I wish for all of us to love freely and as much as possible. Love and be proud!

Pink: Sex*
Red: Life
Orange: Healing
Yellow: Sunlight
Green: Nature
Turquoise: Magic/Art*
Indigo: Serenity
Violet: Spirit

*Pink and turquoise were dropped in the next few years as the flag continued to evolve.

What we have today is called the Progress Pride Flag:

White, Pink & Light Blue:
💞Transgender Flag

Brown & Black:
💞People of Colour and those lost to AIDS

It’s also very important to me to carry a variety of styles, sizes, and unisex models of shoes. Several of our styles come in a size range of 35 to 47. In honour of Price Month, I am putting the following unisex models of shoes on sale:

COMET Aubergine
THE WHIP Mulled Wine


Save 10% on these unisex styles!
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Code expires June 20th, 2021.

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