Beautiful Vintage Shoes for Summer

Are you excited about summer? Because we sure are! And as shoe lovers, of course one of our very favourite things to look forward to is wearing beautiful vintage shoes for summer. The right shoes for warm weather look beautiful with your vintage style wardrobe, are comfortable, breathable, and ready to wear all day and evening in a variety of conditions. Here are some of our favourite vintage style shoes along with considerations for picking the best retro shoes for the summer season.

Vintage Shoes: Flats

One of the best things about summer is going for lovely walks; in the city, in the country, it doesn’t matter where. It’s just so wonderful to get outdoors for extended periods of time. And that’s why some of our very favourite shoes for summer are vintage style flats.

For many years it was difficult to find vintage shoes in flat models but no longer! We have beautiful vintage style shoes and flats that look terrific with skirts, shorts, or trousers. In particular, we’ve taken our most popular model of shoe, the RIVIERA, and created a flat model. You will love the soft handmade footbed of this delightful shoe, perfect for long walks on summer days. It really is an elegant flat that you can style just the same way you would a heel, but it’s perfect for everyday summer use – comfortable, attractive, and a dream to wear whether it’s on a picnic or on the dance floor.

Browse our RIVIERA FLAT vintage style shoes

Vintage Shoes: Heels

Who doesn’t love the elongated look that a perfect pair of vintage heels can give a pair of sun kissed legs? Luckily, at Saint Savoy we put quality and comfort first so you don’t have to worry about standing or walking too much in our high heeled shoes. We also offer a variety of heel heights to suit your preferences.

Vintage Shoes: Unisex

Let’s not forget the impeccable style and inclusivity of a gorgeous pair of unisex shoes, of which we carry several. It’s very important to us here at Saint Savoy to make sure everyone can find the perfect vintage shoes for summer and that definitely includes unisex models, which we carry in a range of sizing from 35 to 47. One of the things that we really like about many of these styles of unisex shoes is that they are sock optional. Many people prefer socks in the summer because they find the absorption of a pair of cotton socks helpful and comfortable, while other people prefer to slip into their shoes with their naked foot. Whichever your preference, models like our RUGCUTTER or summery EL DORADO come in the full range of sizing and are great choices for summer.

The El Dorado vintage style shoes for men

The Best Vintage Shoes for Summer: Additional Considerations

When it comes to hot weather, we recommend prioritizing airy shoes that offer ventilation and comfort for those sticky summer days. At Saint Savoy, we use three methods for ventilation; woven leather, fully punched leather, and cut outs

Ventilation #1 – Woven Leather

In our woven leather models all the straps are turned over with thin leather lining and hand-sewn with small stitches. This is a quality feature that gives our models that intricate, classy, and elegant look while also keeping your feet cool. Woven leather straps are very sturdy and keep their shape very well, even with extensive wear. This technique requires very high craftsmanship, especially for the thinner straps. Two examples that use woven leather are our HIGHBALL and TONIC models.

Ventilation #2 – Fully Punctured Leather

Shoe styles that use fully punched leather are amazingly soft and airy. The lining and the upper leather are first attached and then embossed with either a laser device or, in our case (very old school) with metal die punchers. These punchers exist in all kinds of designs and patterns and one of the benefits is that the resulting leather becomes very supple. There are no stitches and the holes go right through to ventilate the skin. Two examples that use fully punctured leather are the PONY AIR and the PACIFIC models.

Browse our PACIFIC vintage style men’s shoes

Ventilation #3 – Cut Outs

Cut outs are often not recognized as ventilation for your feet because they are simply part of the shoe design. Here, the leather is cut out or punched out and the edges are sewn with small stitches. This work needs to be done very carefully and of course it’s all done lovingly by hand. Two examples with cut outs are our RIVIERA models, available in Classic, High, or Flat, and our WEST model.

Browse our RIVIERA models of vintage style shoes in 3 heel heights

Let the summer season begin!

No matter your preference for flats, heels, mens, ladies, or unisex models, our shoes are the perfect complement to your retro, pinup, and vintage outfits. We also carry artisanal vintage style fans for both a practical and stylish addition to your summer ensembles. When planning your summer outfits, we would love to see your photos and the way you style our shoes so be sure to tag @saintsavoy in your photos on Instagram. Happy summer!

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