About Us

The Saint Savoy concept arose from a necessity to join a passion for quality and looking good with a strong drive to dance.

While hunting for stylish dance shoes, we searched through countless websites from all over the world. The meagre array, several bad buys, and a lot of research brought us to the idea of starting our very own company – specializing in shoes people love to dance in!

The Founder

SAINT SAVOY founder Rani-Patricia Dirnhofer ties it all together: having spent her childhood in Spain, she can easily collaborate with the shoemakers in Alicante to make her ideas come true. Her experience with different types of sport, schools of dance, and a great love for the styles of past decades has successfully been combined with the traditional expertise necessary to create perfect dance shoes.

Classical Designs and Modern Materials

Our designs are inspired by the swanky elegance of the 1920s, the buttoned-up rowdiness of the 1930s, the glorious 1940s, and all the way to the wildness of the boogie, jive, and rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s. We use modern materials where it makes sense, for example, to protect from impact or form a softer footbed.

Tested by Experienced Dancers

Before going on the market, all Saint Savoy shoes are tested and optimized together with experienced dancers to make sure they are suited to Charleston, Jitterbug, Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate and Varsity Shag, Jive, Boogie Woogie, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. We are proud of the satisfaction of our sponsored dancers:

Isabella Gregorio

Jo Hoffberg (johoffberg.comjoandkevin.com)

Katja Završnik (Hrastar) (katjazavrsnik.si)

Kevin St.aurent (joandkevin.comwww.kevinstlaurent.com)

Remy Kouakou Kouame

Trisha Sewell (www.trishasewell.comwww.savoyhop.com) OFFICIAL SPONSOR

Sustainable Production

We hold the manufacturing methods of our products to high ethical standards, and select the materials used according to durability and sustainability. We proudly ensure that our shoeboxes are made from recycled paper, plastic packaging is minimized, leatherwork follows German PCP Regulations, and working conditions for our shoemakers are fair – more ways in which we join traditional and contemporary.