The Best Vintage Style Shoes for All Day Comfort

If you’re like most vintage lovers, you’re probably always on the hunt to find the best vintage style shoes. Of course, they should be beautiful and look great with your vintage style outfits! But it goes beyond just the style. Not only should your vintage inspired shoes always be attractive, but comfort also needs to be a priority.

Whether you like high heel shoes or prefer flats, or maybe you like a men’s style shoe or something more unisex… No matter the model, all day comfort and practicality is something we take very seriously at Saint Savoy.

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Vintage Style Shoes: Heels

A comfortable high heeled shoe in a beautiful vintage style is a bit like the holy grail of dressing up vintage. No matter how gorgeous your outfit is, without the right retro shoes, it just won’t look right. And then you have to consider the practicality of standing in those shoes all day at Art Deco Society events, Dapper Day, Viva Las Vegas, Camp Hollywood, car shows, antique festivals… Maybe your feet start to hurt just thinking about it!

Well don’t worry, we have you covered. We absolutely understand that a perfect high heeled shoe needs to absorb impact and shock with every step. We achieve this and more with the careful construction of our vintage style shoes. It’s also critical to provide solid support and to create stability in the position and shape of the heel. And don’t forget gentle cushioning and a flexible foot bed.

And yes, we even take a deep look at the construction of the shoes that Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse, and Eleanor Powell wore. A tremendous amount of care goes into each aspect of production and design from the overall shape and the dynamics of the shoe right down to the construction.

Our RIVIERA shoe is our most popular model of shoe, available in high, regular, and flat versions. Other high heel models include our WEST, HIGHBALL, EDEN, JITTERDOLL, TONIC, and our GRACE is shown here:

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What About Wide Feet?

One of the most common problems people run into with the comfort of their shoes is the width. If you are one of the many people who has a wider foot or even bunions, it can be challenging to find the perfect comfortable vintage style shoes. Nobody likes a shoe that squeezes or confines the natural movement of walking or dancing and this can lead to discomfort and even pain. Ouch!

Wide feet deserve beautiful retro shoes too! And you will not be disappointed with our GRACE, EDEN, TONIC, and HIGHBALL models of shoes. These styles are suitable for wider feet and can even accommodate bunions with style and all day comfort. The GRACE is a higher heeled shoe at 6cm, TONIC is 5cm, EDEN is 4cm, and the HIGHBALL is lower at 3.5cm. But if you prefer a flat shoe for comfort, be sure to read on about our wonderful vintage style flats!

If you have bunions, you will love our GRAND PRIX Flats!


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Vintage Style Shoes: Flats

Not that long ago, it was nearly impossible to find beautiful vintage style flat shoes. You’ll be glad to know that times have changed and at Saint Savoy we absolutely love to make flat shoes that look perfect with skirts and dresses or shorts and trousers.

But remember, just because a shoe is flat doesn’t necessarily make it more comfortable. There are a lot of considerations in how a shoe is constructed that play a part in the overall comfort. The shoe should be supportive, the material should be soft yet stable, and the insole should cater to the natural shape of the foot.

Let’s take a look at the flat version of our most popular shoe, the RIVIERA. You will love the soft handmade footbed of our shoes! Yes, that’s right, it’s handmade. The insole provides extra arch support and padding. Whether you’re walking around town, standing all day, or dancing all night, these elegant flat vintage style shoes are an absolute delight. Click here to browse all our flats.


Vintage Style Men’s Shoes & Unisex Models

For men’s vintage style shoes or a unisex style, we carry some models in sizes 35 through 47. One example is our RUGCUTTER shoe. It’s a classic Derby Cap Toe available in very stylish colours. Most importantly, the innovative 3-ply TPU sole gives it a light and modern feeling. These shoes are just so comfortable! They have a classic look but provide modern functionality, including a padded, leather sheathed insole that’s removable so you can air it to dry or replace it after extensive use.


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Click here to browse all our gentlemen’s and unisex models.

To be honest, just thinking about the days of wearing uncomfortable shoes for long hours makes us kind of depressed! Thank goodness those days are behind us… and we hope they’re behind you too. Nobody should have to sacrifice either vintage style or comfort when they choose their shoes.

If you have questions about any of our models and how they would work for your personal foot needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to help you choose the right shoe for your feet.

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