Hello 2021!

Happy new year!

While life is still looking pretty different as we kick off this new year, we have hope that 2021 will be better than last year. And with a new year and a new outlook, we thought you’d enjoy a bit of vintage style inspiration!

Vintage Style #1 – Snake Skin

Did you know that snake print leather was extremely popular in vintage fashion? At the time, they used real snake skin. Of course, now we use snake print leather instead, but we still love the look and texture of these original models.

 I’ve taken inspiration from these vintage styles to create the RIVIERA Mamba, which is slightly wider than the other medium 3.5 cm height Rivieras. And oh so comfortable!

See more photos of the RIVIERA Mamba

Vintage Style #2 -Unisex Fashion

It’s a company philosophy at Saint Savoy to be inclusive in everything we do. So lots of our models are gender neutral and come in a wide range of sizes. But it’s not only a matter of principle, it’s also a traditional component of vintage fashion for ladies to bend gender norms in their clothing. I love these photos of women wearing men’s style. They looked #KICKASS ELEGANT!

The COMET Aubergine is one of our unisex models, available in sizes 35 through 47! Don’t you love the colour?

See more photos of the COMET Aubergine

Vintage Style #3 – Metallics

Who is a fan of metallics? They’re part of a long tradition in vintage fashion. They’re easy to pair and always add glamour to any outfit.

A challenge I’ve gladly accepted is to get that super sexy vintage look into my high heels while not exceeding the 6cm heel height. Look at how high those shoes are! But it’s absolutely possible to create a sexy shoe with a lower heel height. At the same time, I’ve ensured that the heels feel very comfortable and well balanced.

With that said, I’m so excited to reveal the new TONIC shoes! They look just as stunning but are certainly more comfortable, with a 5cm heel.

Our new shoe model TONIC is a classic – ideal for everyday use and dancing too! Soft padding and a heel height of 5cm make it perfect for all sorts of occasions!

See more photos of the TONIC Alloy

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