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Everything about the HIGHBALL shoe is pure vintage elegance. With its delicate handcrafted details and woven leather workmanship, this shoe design could be straight out of a vintage magazine. The HIGHBALL offers solid support and is even suitable for wider feet. We promise you will fall in love with these shoes!


The RIVIERA Delice could be described as scrumptious. The colour gives an echo of a lovely vintage candy shop, with the perfect pink to complement your spring and summer wardrobe. This particular shade also works as a neutral just as well as it does an accent colour. And with soft padding and a 3.5 cm heel, they’re perfect for all sorts of occasions!


The RUGCUTTER is a classic Derby Cap Toe and yes! It’s available in a full range of unisex sizing, from size 35 to 47! This beautiful shade of burgundy is unconventional and very stylish. In fact, it’s one of our most popular models. You’ll love our innovative 3-ply TPU sole. These shoes are just so comfortable and versatile!


Don’t you just love the eye-catching asymmetry of the EDEN Rosé? The classic peep toe is an authentic 1940s look, with a sturdy 4 cm heel and delicate but reliable fitted ankle strap. These shoes are equally suitable for a picnic, an Easter stroll, or a night on the town. And the two tone shades of metallic pink and cream make these shoes just so luxurious!


This luscious red shoe is oh so sensual. Supple kid leather, a softly padded insole, and the versatile simple cut gently surround your foot, making the WEST one of our most stable, comfortable, sexy, and popular models. This shade of red will make a statement with any outfit. You will love the allure of these shoes!


What happened when we created a flat version of our most popular shoe is purely magic. The RIVIERA Flat proves that you do not need heigh to achieve elegance. And with the soft handmade footbed, we haven’t sacrificed anything for style, comfort, and practicality. Take this attractive flat with you for a walk, an evening out, or a trip to the dance floor!


The photo of this shoe does not do the colour justice. When you think about the deep and rich shade of a ruby red gemstone, you can imagine the perfect deep and shiny tone of these eye-catching red shoes. And the RIVIERA model is simply a classic – ideal for everyday use and the dance floor! It’s no wonder it’s our most popular model.

Add a pop of red or pink as the perfect accent to your wardrobe!

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