2020 Reflections…

2020 was an unsettling year for many of us, but it was not all bad.

Appreciation for the selfless dedication of health care workers, teachers, and the many other essential workers has grown.

The global awareness for sustainability increased, with our shared demand for environmentally friendly products and technology resulting in irreversible changes at major supermarkets and manufacturing companies.

So much happened politically, with people around the world demonstrating and voting for what they feel is right.

And while many of us felt isolated and frustrated while social distancing, we have also discovered opportunities to reconnect with the simple and most rewarding values.

These are just a few of the positive aspects I would like to focus on and share with you in the hope that we all continue to stand in solidarity together and grow beauty as we move forward into the future.

Thank you for appreciating my work as your shoemaker. I wish us all a very happy new year and am now off until January 4th with a nice cup of tea!


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