Guide to Vintage Style Shoes Heel Heights

Do you have a preferred heel height when it comes to shoes? Women’s vintage style shoes come in a variety of heel heights, so no matter your preference, there is a vintage style shoe in a heel height you’ll love!

Vintage style shoes in any heel height add elegance and flair your wardrobe, no matter your personal style. Flats give feet a sturdy base for dancing and strolling, while higher heels offer that extra bit of drama.

Not sure which of Saint Savoy’s vintage style shoes heel heights is right for you? Read on for our guide to vintage style shoes heel heights, listed from lowest to highest:


If you’d rather keep your vintage style shoes heel height on the lower side, flats are your best bet. Combining classic style with ultimate comfort, our vintage style flats are the best of both worlds!


Our RIVIERA FLAT model brings the sophistication of a vintage t-strap to a solid 1.5 cm heel. These shoes are truly versatile, perfectly suited for wherever you choose to wear them.

The RIVIERA FLAT has a brushed leather sole, cushy insole, and excellent shock absorption to make your feet feel as good as they look.

These two-toned shoes also come in several exceptional colours. The glistening silver of the Hologram makes any outfit the star attraction, while the startlingly red Garnet is sure to turn heads. Also available is the dazzling Moviola and the lush Scarab.


Our GRAND PRIX is a comfortable and stylish flat. At a height of 1.5 cm, these flats have a dapper but relaxed flair.

The GRAND PRIX models are great for those who want to make sure their feet are comfortable but secure. The beautiful t-strap and gentle elastic bands hold your feet in place while the padded insole cradles them!

The GRAND PRIX is offered in two striking varieties. Want a classic model that goes with everything? The Brooklands will be your go-to vintage style flat for years to come. Fancy a subtle pop of colour? The Monza is a soft grey with a hint of blue undertone that makes for an extremely adaptable shoe, no matter your outfit.


If you’re looking for a flat in a unisex style, we’ve got you covered!

The RUGCUTTER is an attractive unisex Derby Cap Tie with a robust 1.2 cm heel. This shoe is the epitome of comfort, with our innovative 3-ply TPU sole and padded, leather-sheathed insole. The insole can even be removed for drying, replacement, and breaking in your shoes more easily. In particular, the RUGCUTTER Burgundy is a fan favourite with its warm and delectable brown hues. This shoe is a perfect complement to any outfit!

Coming in just a little bit taller at 2 cm is THE WHIP. The design of these elegant leather shoes make them allrounders for all facets of your life. THE WHIP Dune is our latest model of this Derby style shoe. These muted beige brogues are a timeless handcrafted classic for men and women alike. They’re also truly “a whip” on the dance floor!

Like many of our shoes, both the RUGCUTTER and THE WHIP come in a variety of colours, so be sure to browse through them all to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Low Heels

Need a bit more height? Vintage style shoes in a low heel are a fantastic complement to any outfit.


Our popular RIVIERA model is a favourite for a reason! With a low heel height of 3.5 cm and 1920s t-strap design, this shoe is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

These heels also have a wide base to make sure that your feet are well-supported, no matter where you strut, promenade, or dance. Plus, the RIVIERA is available in a wide array of colours to suit anyone’s tastes.

For instance, if you’re a fan of neutrals, try out the warm Terracotta, the sleek Mamba, or the bright Yes!.

Looking for more vibrance? Treat yourself to the rich Something Blue, the flamboyant Ruby, or the soft and subtle Delice.

Need some shine for your next look? Get ready to impress with the ebullient Stardust or the polished Quicksilver.


Just a little bit higher than the RIVIERA, the EDEN features a 4 cm heel, alluring peep toe, and striking asymmetric design. These shoes are as distinctive as they are beautiful.

Even better, all EDEN shoes have a robust ankle strap and spacious toe box to give your feet plenty of space while holding them firmly in place.

In terms of colours, the EDEN Rosé is a delicate frosted pink and cream, the EDEN Jungle has sumptuous green and black detailing, and the EDEN Snowball offers a chillingly-beautiful ice blue and white combination.

Medium Heels

Fancy shoes that give you more of a boost? Wearing a vintage style medium heel, you can have the refinement of vintage design with a touch more attention-grabbing height.


The WEST is an extremely sensual, striking medium heel that’s 5 cm tall. Its two decorative peepholes add to its allure, all while giving your feet some air.

This shoe’s simple cut, soft insole, centre strap, and solid heel cradle your feet. Dancing the night away in them feels like a dream!

The WEST is available in colours as luscious as its style, including the warm and lustrous Champagne, the show-stopping Red, and the eternally fashionable Black.


The RIVIERA HIGH is the higher-heeled version of our RIVIERA model, standing at 5 cm. This model has the same quality and elegance of the RIVIERA and RIVIERA FLAT, with just a bit more height!

The RIVIERA HIGH comes in a variety of unique shades. For those who want a bold look, indulge in the exquisite Boudoir or the vivid Lizard. For something metallic, the radiant Nugget is the shoe for you. For an incredibly adaptable neutral, there’s the beautiful two-toned Black Pearl.


Also at 5 cm, the TONIC Alloy is a refined medium heel in a magnetic combination of gold and silver.

The TONIC is one of our most comfortable models! This heel’s roomy cut gently nestles even wide feet, and also offers cushy insole, sturdy ankle strap, and robust heel.


Our Highest Heel

Want to take things just a little bit higher than 5 cm? If your answer is “yes”, we’ve got the vintage style shoe for you!


Our highest heel is the GRACE, with a heel that’s 6 cm tall. These gorgeous heels are inspired by 1930s and 1940s pinup style, guaranteeing compliments wherever and whenever you wear them.

The design of the GRACE heels ensures maximum comfort through extensive cushioning, flexibility, and terrific impact absorption. Your feet will sing every time you put your GRACE heels on!

The GRACE is available in two stunning colours.The Neptune, aka the “mermaid shoe”, features a beautiful mix of blue, teal, and turquoise to make any outfit pop. And the rich and delicious browns of the Nougat will light up and warm up your whole wardrobe.


Whether you like flats, high heels, or something in between, we have vintage style shoes that are perfect for you.

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