The Best Vintage Style Shoes for Formal Events

As the world slowly begins to open up again, you might have formal events on the horizon, and with the opportunity to finally dress up, you’ll want to look your best! This includes wearing the best vintage style shoes for formal events.

Vintage style shoes spruce up any everyday look, but where they really shine is with formal wear. If you’re looking for the best vintage style shoes for formal events like New Year’s Eve, weddings, and more, step out in style with these Saint Savoy shoes!

Vintage Style Shoes Quick Picks for Formal Holiday Events

Holiday social events like Christmas parties are the perfect time to debut a new pair of shoes. Get into the holiday spirit with the new RIVIERA HIGH Boudoir! These red and gold heels are dramatic in the best way.


The TONIC Alloy is another eye-catching model with a 5 cm heel, in a beautiful blend of gleaming gold and silver. For an elegant holiday option for men, look no further than COMET Aubergine, with its warm tone and subtle detailing.

The Best Vintage Style Shoes for New Year’s Eve

Thinking of buying some new vintage style shoes for New Year’s Eve events? Consider something with a little sparkle or lustre to really light up the night!


Any of our RIVIERA models are perfect for formal events. But the RIVIERA HIGH Nugget is especially well-suited for these events.

These shoes are effervescent with their vivid gold colour and touch of warm rose undertones. This metallic shade adapts so well to different colours of formal wear.

The style of the RIVIERA HIGH is very versatile as well. Its t-strap design is effortlessly elegant and timeless. And the 5 centimetre heel adds that extra bit of flair to any formal outfit.

The RIVIERA HIGH also makes dancing the night away in heels extremely comfortable! Its soft cushioning, flexible sole, great shock absorption, and perfectly-centred, sturdy heel are the epitome of contemporary comfort. With a brushed leather sole that’s less slippery than hard leather, you can even comfortably wear these shoes outdoors.


RIVIERA Quicksilver

Want some gleam, but not a fan of gold? Then you’ll love the RIVIERA Quicksilver!

The RIVIERA has the same gorgeous t-strap design and ultimate comfort as the RIVIERA HIGH, it’s just a shorter model. All RIVIERA shoes have a 3.5 centimetre heel and wide base for added stability, wherever you go.

The RIVIERA models elevate your look at a classic heel height while also being comfortable enough to walk around in.

The RIVIERA Quicksilver is a dignified showstopper, while also being truly adaptable. The metallic silver of the straps and contrasting light grey of the heel are eye-catching, and go well with so many colour and outfit choices! This is the perfect vintage style shoe when you want to make a statement with your formalwear.

RIVIERA Quicksilver

Gorgeous Vintage Style Shoes for Your Wedding

Maybe you have the most important formal event of your life coming up: your wedding. If you need sophisticated, beautiful vintage style shoes for your wedding, Saint Savoy has you covered with a great range of options.

Our shoes are so versatile and high-quality that you’ll be wearing them at formal events for years to come!


The RIVIERA Yes! is a gorgeous model in a striking colour combination, perfect for wearing with any vintage style wedding dress.

The RIVIERA has a classic design, inspired by 1920s shoe models. Its retro style is exquisite and refined enough for wedding attire.

The RIVIERA Yes! features a pearly white kid leather and metallic silver suede, the ideal bright white accessory for your wedding look. You’ll love how well this model goes with your wedding dress!



Looking for your “something blue?” Then the RIVIERA Sky is the shoe for you!

The RIVIERA Sky is an attractive, soft ice blue, making it the perfect shoe if you need just a hint of blue in your wedding attire. It will complement your wedding dress beautifully on your big day.

The RIVIERA Sky also makes for wonderful bridesmaid shoes!


WEST Champagne

The WEST Champagne is the ideal shoe for brides or bridesmaids.

The WEST Champagne is a sensual and sophisticated shoe with an enduring design. Decorative peepholes add a flourish of intricate detailing while giving your feet a bit more air.

This particular shade of Champagne is a stunning frosted nude-gold. The colour is bright, warm, and highly versatile. This model even has a hint of sparkle to give your outfit extra opulence.

In designing the WEST shoes, great attention was paid not only to their style, but also to their comfort and stability. The centre strap firmly holds your foot in place while giving your feet plenty of breathing room. Their supple leather is soft and lithe for next-level comfort. 

WEST Champagne

Great Vintage Men’s Shoes for Formal Occasions

We have a number of attractive men’s style shoes for formal events as well!

Our men’s vintage style shoes are made with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as our women’s shoes. This includes the same timeless style and elements of modern comfort.

With our large variety of styles and colours, you can surely find the perfect men’s vintage style shoes for your formal event.

THE WHIP Mulled Wine

THE WHIP Mulled Wine is an exceptional shoe in an equally exceptional colour.

THE WHIP is a distinguished Derby with its intricate broguing and full leather design. The Mulled Wine colour is refined and elegant, with a hint of warmth.

THE WHIP is a true European shoe: a Longwing Brogue handcrafted by a Portuguese master shoemaker using fine Italian leather. It’s also the pinnacle of comfort thanks to its cushy removable insole, roughened leather sole with a rubber layer in the heel, and essential impact absorption.

THE WHIP Mulled Wine is sure to be a hit both on and off the dance floor. Wear them to turn everyday life into a special occasion, or at formal events to stand out from the crowd.


For something a bit more understated but just as luxurious, the PEGASUS Caviar is a very versatile and attractive shoe.

The PEGASUS models are the perfect marriage of classic vintage style and contemporary comfort. This full-leather derby has exquisite broguing to elevate any outfit. 

The PEGASUS Caviar is a timeless black, making it an extremely adaptable shoe. It suits any style and any occasion! The PEGASUS is also available in Cohiba if you want something more vibrant and eye-catching.

Like THE WHIP, the PEGASUS also features a soft removable insole and roughened leather sole with rubber for fantastic shock absorption. These shoes are a dream to walk and dance in!


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