Vintage Men’s Style: Classic Men’s Shoes & Brogues

PEGASUS Cohiba and PACIFIC Clay shoes

The perfect pair of shoes is such an important element of vintage men’s style. There are so many options for classic men’s shoes, including the well-known and elegant brogues.

The nice thing about men’s fashion is that the changes between the 1920s and early 1960s were quite subtle. As a result, you can easily wear the same pair of stylish vintage men’s shoes for the styles of many decades… and the same shoes would not look out of place with a modern men’s suit either!

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, take some inspiration from these enduring classics!


“My favorite thing about Saint Savoy shoes is their versatility. I wear them around town in my everyday clothes so I’m always ready for a dance party. You’ll never hear me say, ‘I left my dance shoes at home.’” ~ Kevin St. Laurent from

Timeless Men’s Shoe Designs

There are a number of design terms to know when it comes to vintage men’s style, especially for shoes.

Brogues are a style of dress shoe with perforations along the shoe. These decorations are called broguing, which is where the name “brogues” comes from!

You can see the exquisite detail of broguing on our EL DORADO Ivory

You might have also heard of Oxford and Derby shoes. Did you know that these are defined not by their style, but by their lacing systems? Oxfords have closed lacing, where the panels with the shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp. In contrast, Derbys have open lacing, where the panels with the eyelets are attached on top of the vamp.

You can see an example of Oxfords in the COMET and the Derbys in the RUGCUTTER


Here at Saint Savoy, we carry a variety of vintage men’s style shoes, including brogues, Oxfords, and Derbys too!

“They’re my favourite shoes.” ~ Remy Kouakou Kouame

Unisex Sizes and Styling

Some of our most popular classic men’s shoes are actually unisex. We believe in inclusive sizing, and offer some of our models in sizes 35 through 47.

Both our EL DORADO and RUGCUTTER shoes shown above are available in our large range of unisex sizing.

In addition, THE WHIP is also available in the full range of unisex sizing! This longwing brogue with Derby lacing is made with beautiful Italian leather. The design and cut are so dignified, and make them a great choice for every occasion.

Comfort, Style, Practicality

Our footwear presents modern versions of classic vintage men’s style shoes. Not only are our men’s shoes attractive, but they are also built for extreme comfort!

One of the best things about so many of our gentlemen’s cut shoes is that the padded, leather-sheathed insole can be removed for drying or replacement after extensive use. It can also make breaking in the shoe more comfortable to temporarily take out the insole!

Saint Savoy shoes have soft cushioning, impact-absorbing heels, and removable insoles for modern comfort to go with your classic style.

“This is hands down my favorite dance shoe, so comfortable and so good looking!!!”

~ Ronnie from Live.Collegiate.Shag

Handcrafted and High Quality

The right vintage style men’s shoes and brogues give the right touch of elegance to any outfit. Our shoes also come in a range of colors, so you can find the perfect shoe in a style you will love. For example, our gorgeous RUGCUTTER shoes come in Burgundy, Ebony, and even Crocodile! Another benefit of the RUGCUTTER is the innovative 3-ply TPU sole, which gives it a light and modern feel that is highly comfortable and achieves ideal floor performance in all sorts of conditions.

Handcrafted in Europe, Saint Savoy shoes are all designed and made with the greatest attention to detail and quality. And in case you were wondering, our shoes aren’t just for the dance floor! They’re comfortable and stylish enough for everyday wear, and elegant enough for special occasions. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for lots of men’s shoe inspiration. Click here to browse our men’s shoes.

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