The Best Vintage Style Shoes for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here again! It’s time to make merry with our loved ones with good food, warm drinks, and plenty of holiday spirit.

There will be holiday parties with work colleagues and special dinners with family and friends. There will also be New Year’s Eve festivities where you will dine and dance the night away.

But what to wear to all of these seasonal gatherings? Whether you’re dressing up or staying casual, get festive with the best vintage style shoes for the holiday season!

Mandi Gould in the RIVIERA HIGH Nugget

The Best Red Vintage Style Shoes for the Holiday Season

Red shoes turn any outfit into a show stopper year round, but of course, they are the perfect accessory this time of year.

Luckily, we have marvellous red vintage style shoes that go with any Christmas look.


The new RIVIERA HIGH Boudoir is the ultimate heel for the holiday season. The flamboyant velvety red suede and sumptuous smoky gold accents (and heel!) are sure to make you stand out, no matter where you are.

These bold shoes are made all the more dramatic by their 5 cm heel, which gives you that extra bit of height and panache.

Even with a high heel, the RIVIERA HIGH models are also the pinnacle of comfort. The balanced heel gives your foot a solid base for all movement, including dancing all night. They also have soft cushioning, great impact absorbance, and flexible soles.



For those who want a vibrant red with some glimmer, the RIVIERA Ruby was made for you!

Not only are these shoes a beautiful, vivid crimson, but they twinkle with every step you take. The RIVIERA Ruby has a subtle but eye-catching sparkle all over.

All shoes in the RIVIERA line have a timeless t-strap design that makes them perennially stylish and elegant.

The RIVIERA models have the same gentle cushioning, supple soles, and excellent shock absorbance of the RIVIERA HIGH, but with a 3.5 cm heel. They can be indoors and outdoors, for strolling or for dancing.


Sparkling & Lustrous Vintage Style Shoes for the Holiday Season

Of course, red shoes aren’t the only option for the holiday season! Vintage style shoes with some shine are also an outstanding choice for this season and beyond.

Gleaming vintage style shoes, especially in neutral colours, are great because they are so versatile. They go well with any outfit while also catching the light in a beautiful way. Check out these gorgeous models:

WEST Champagne

Treat yourself to the WEST Champagne, one of our most versatile shoes. With its classic design and colour, it is the perfect fit for whatever you want to wear.

Its frosted nude gold is warm and radiant, with a subtle sheen to make it pop. And its t-strap and peepholes are feminine and alluring.

The WEST Champagne is also as comfortable as it is stylish! The centre strap and stable heel provide a solid foundation for movement, while the supple leather and padded insole softly nestle your feet.

WEST Champagne
WEST Champagne


What if you want your feet to have an extra bit of room while also looking graceful and dignified? Then look no further than the TONIC Alloy!

The TONIC Alloy is a distinctive marriage of glossy gold and silver shades, elegantly intertwined. This striking combination can fit a huge array of colours and looks.

This shoe has a 5 cm heel, while also having a spacious cut and extremely cushy padding to softly cradle even wide feet. In addition, the heel is cut long to ensure that the centre buckle sits comfortably on top of your foot.



The opulent RIVIERA HIGH Nugget adds sophistication and gleam to any outfit. These shoes are a sensational gold colour, which is neither yellow nor brassy.

The rich gold has rose undertones to elevate this model’s warmth and complexity. The attractive colour and lustre of this model makes it truly adaptable to every outfit and occasion.

The RIVIERA HIGH has a perfectly-centred heel, so go wherever and do whatever to your heart’s content without worrying about hurting your feet!


The Best Vintage Style Men’s Shoes for the Holiday Season

We also offer many gorgeous vintage style men’s shoes that are perfect for any holiday event! They elevate every occasion, from more casual gatherings to formal events.

All of our men’s shoes are an outstanding blend of classic style and contemporary comfort. To heat up your holiday season, take a look at these popular models:

COMET Aubergine

The COMET Aubergine is a refined Oxford with intricate detailing to enhance its style. Its warm plum colour is elegant and versatile, and adds refinement and a touch of flamboyance to any outfit. 

All COMET models are designed for extreme comfort. They have a brushed leather sole with a rubber layer in the heel, as well as a cushy footbed to absorb impact and make every movement a dream.

The COMET Aubergine also features a removable insole with extra padding. This is great because you can more easily break in your shoes, air them out, and even change the insoles whenever you want.

COMET Aubergine

THE WHIP Mulled Wine

Make a statement at your holiday parties this season with THE WHIP Mulled Wine. An exquisite longwing brogue, this shoe is the epitome of European elegance.

The warmth and sheen of THE WHIP Mulled Wine make this shoe a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. The design, cut, and quality of this full leather model ensure you will wear these timeless shoes for years to come.

Like the COMET, THE WHIP has every facet of comfort. It has a roughened leather sole with a rubber layer in the heel, soft removable footbed, and superb impact absorption. These shoes are ready for whatever you throw at them.

THE WHIP Mulled Wine

However you celebrate the holidays, Saint Savoy has you covered for all your upcoming events with the best vintage style shoes to pair with your outfits.

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