Reproduction Vintage Style Shoes Can Be Sustainable!

When you think of reproduction vintage style shoes, what is the first thing you think of? Timeless elegance? Beautiful detailing?

What about ethics and sustainability? These probably aren’t your first thoughts when you hear “vintage shoes”, but we are here to change that. Ethics and sustainability are very important to us. It’s our mission at Saint Savoy to produce not just well-designed, high-quality, and comfortable shoes, but also ethical and sustainable shoes that are vintage inspired too!

We are continually exploring and testing ideas and designs to embody our values and advance our mission. We hold our shoes, manufacturing methods, and materials to very high standards. Here are a few ways we are doing this.

Sustainable Shoe Materials

We strive to use materials in our shoes that are sustainable to help protect the environment and that are durable so that your Saint Savoy shoes last you for ages to come. The longer your shoes last, the better for both your wallet and the environment.

Environmental Standards

First, all of the leather we use complies with German environmental standards. These are very rigorous when it comes to animal protection, waste water, and heavy metal content. Our leatherwork also follows German PCP regulations. These high standards are one of the reasons why we only utilize European parts for our shoes.


Second, we use packaging and shoeboxes that are made from recycled paper. We also make sure to minimize plastic packaging. This helps reduce the amount of waste going to rubbish dumps.

Vegan Vintage Style Shoes

Third, we are committed to offering high quality vegan reproduction vintage style shoes. We are working to expand our vegan offerings by experimenting with alternatives to leather that still meet our high quality standards; we are looking for the best vegan materials that are comfortable and durable without compromising on the quality that we are known for.

Reproduction Vintage Style Shoes: Upcycling

Finally, we have outsourced to upcycling companies and integration projects to expand the sustainability of our operations. For example, our keychains are made using leftover leather from the production of our shoes, creating something beautiful instead to replace waste.


Ethical Working Conditions

In addition to our long-lasting and sustainable vintage shoe materials, we also hold the working conditions of our shoemakers to high standards. We ensure that the working environment for these workers is fair.

Furthermore, we are a women-run company that values giving opportunities to women. To realize this, we take special production steps that include providing in-home employment to elderly women and working moms. This gives them the chance to earn some extra money from the comfort of their own homes.

Vintage Style Shoes: Quality and Sustainability

We believe in the importance of fair and ethical conditions for workers and the importance of doing what we can to protect the environment. We must treat one another and the earth kindly.

When we continue with our mission to use sustainable and durable materials to make comfortable, high-quality shoes that are made by workers who are treated ethically, we can help make the world a better place. Our customers can have confidence that when they order Saint Savoy vintage inspired shoes, they are receiving exquisite vintage shoes designed with the environment, ethics, and quality in mind.

It’s vintage fashion that undertakes some of the most important duties of our lifetimes! Now that’s kickass elegance.

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