How to Choose the Best Vintage Shoes for Everyday Wear

With so many options for vintage shoes, how do you choose the best vintage style shoes for everyday wear?

Your perfect pair of retro shoes for everyday wear will depend on a few factors. First, what style of vintage shoes do you prefer? Do you want something flat, or with a heel? Do you want a unisex, masculine, or feminine style?

Second, what are the main colours of the wardrobe you will wear with your everyday vintage shoes? Do you want neutral coloured shoes or something more attention-grabbing?

Finally, where will you be wearing your shoes? To work, on errands, out with friends? If you’ll be standing or walking a lot, you’ll want a pair that is sturdy, durable, and definitely comfortable.

Luckily, we carry beautiful and comfortable vintage shoes in a range of styles, colours, and heel heights at Saint Savoy. Not only are they fashionable, but our shoes are so comfortable, you can easily wear them all day every day!


Vintage Shoes: Heels

Vintage style heels are a staple of many a vintage lover’s wardrobe. Maybe you think they aren’t practical or comfortable for everyday wear. However, all of our shoes are designed for style, support, stability, and comfort. Our designs feature flexible soles that absorb shock well and work with the natural shape of the foot and leg to perfectly align the heel.

Our incredibly popular and classic RIVIERA heels have a height of 3.5 centimetres /1.38”, making them the perfect height for everyday use. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit while still being ultra supportive and comfortable.

Our RIVIERA heels come in a huge variety of colours: Cafe, Ruby, Quicksilver, Sky, Mamba, and even Green.

(If you prefer a higher heel, we also have the RIVIERA HIGH at 5 cm/1.97” as well as flats, described in the next section.)

If you love heels but want a pair that’s especially sturdy, then the JITTERDOLL heels are perfect for you! These shoes have a perennial style and enduring comfort from their supple kid leather.

For the right combination of femininity and stability, check out our WEST heels. Offered in timeless colours like Black, Champagne, and Red, these vintage shoes are comfortable and refined.


Vintage Shoes: Flats

Fancy flats instead of heels? Our RIVIERA FLAT models have you covered! The RIVIERA FLAT is the flat version of our popular RIVIERA. The same classic look, just in vintage style flats.

For something a bit understated but sophisticated, we have the two-toned RIVIERA FLAT Moviola. Through the contrasting metallic black and warm zirconium, these flats have a pop of shine while remaining extremely versatile.

For something more dramatic, look no further RIVIERA FLAT in Hologram, Garnet, or Scarab. These vibrant colours are spectacular for when you want to take your everyday vintage style to the next level.

Also be sure to check out the GRAND PRIX and PONY.


Vintage Style Men’s Shoes and Unisex Styles

At Saint Savoy, we also carry vintage style men’s and unisex shoes that are perfect for everyday wear, available in sizes 35 through 47. Make every day a special occasion with the exquisite details and absolute comfort of these shoes.

Take our EL DORADO model in Ivory. Its broguing and padded, removable soles make it the height of luxury for your feet and your wardrobe. The combination of chrome-free leather and synthetic Sender Sole on the sole even make it less slippery than a leather sole!

Our RUGCUTTER shoes have classic vintage style with their Derby Cap Toe. Even better, the 3-ply TPU soles put a spring in your step with their impact absorbance and soft padding. The RUGCUTTER is available in unconventional but stylish colours, like Crocodile, Burgundy, and Ebony.


Beautiful and Practical

The best vintage shoes for everyday wear are those that are comfortable and stylish, making them practical and versatile enough for any and every occasion.

Whether you’re dancing, going for a stroll, or running errands, our shoes are comfortable and supportive enough to wear all day. This is thanks to gentle cushioning, impact absorption, and the careful craftsmanship we put into all Saint Savoy shoes.

Comfort is important, but so is style. We pride ourselves on the high quality of Saint Savoy shoes. Every pair is handcrafted with premium materials in Europe. Every shoe is designed to have timeless vintage style paired with contemporary comfort.

With our large selection of styles and colours, we’re sure to have a shoe to fit every vintage lover! Browse the full selection.

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