Beautiful Vintage Style Shoes for Spring

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming. Spring is here once again! 

Now that the weather is pleasant, you can expect to spend many more days out on the town with your family and friends. Whether going for a walk in the park, tilting back an Aperol spritz on the patio, or taking to the dance floor, you need comfortable and stylish shoes.

Find the perfect pair of shoes for spring! We have compiled a list of beautiful Saint Savoy vintage style shoes that suit every occasion.

Add A Pop Of Colour To Your Wardrobe


The RIVIERA FLAT Scarab is an elegant shoe inspired by the vintage shoes of the 1920s, except we have brought these shoes down to a flat and added additional comfort with padded soles.

These adorable flats will spruce up any spring outfit! The teal colour toe adds a sweet pop of colour that expertly contrasts the metallic tan of the upper t-strap and heel. The delightful colour combination reminds us of the blue sky and cotton ball clouds—a gorgeous and appropriate pairing for spring!



You can match the budding blossoms with the RIVIERA FLAT Garnet! These vintage t-strap shoes are deep metallic ruby and vibrant pink, a beautiful combination of fun and flirty. 

Not only are these shoes stunning, but they are also comfortable. The flats feature a handmade padded footbed, perfectly suited for a comfortable stroll in the park, admiring the spring blooms. They are also an absolute dream to dance in!

Bianca Locatelli in the RIVIERA FLAT Garnet

Charming Neutral Vintage Style Shoes That Go With Everything

RIVIERA Terracotta

The RIVIERA Terracotta is a classic vintage style shoe in natural, warm, burnt orange. It will add a touch of colour to your outfit but be neutral enough to go with just about anything. It is a beautiful shoe that can be transitioned seamlessly from spring to summer, and summer to fall!

All RIVERA shoes feature a 3.5 cm heel with a wide base for extra stability and comfort. They also have gentle cushioning, excellent impact absorbance, and a flexible sole to make you feel like you are walking on a cloud!

RIVIERA Terracotta


The PACIFIC Clay is a modern replica of a vintage men’s shoe designed for the summer of 1937. 85 years later, this shoe is still a prime choice for warm weather!

This vintage style shoe model is timeless, comfortable, and incredibly stylish. You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It is the perfect vintage style shoe for a spring wedding or a night out!

PACIFIC Clay on the left, alongside the PACIFIC Stone on the right.

Light & Bright Gender Neutral Vintage Shoes


No jaunt around the park or an evening on the patio this spring is complete without THE WHIP Dune

These longwing brogues are handcrafted out of fine Italian leather by a Portuguese shoemaker. Inside, we have a removable footbed to add additional comfort. The love and care that goes into these shoes make them truly one of a kind.

THE WHIP Dune is an excellent balance between sophistication and fun. The pale beige leather adds a sense of lightheartedness and fun to the formal design of this Derby-style shoe. They will keep you looking good at every event on your spring social calendar!

L – THE WHIP Dune | R – ELDORADO Ivory


The EL DORADO Ivory will put a spring in your step! These brogues come in a bright ivory colour that will add a lustrous gleam to any outfit.

This shoe features elaborate designs and detailing in its soft cowhide. The tiny details show the high-quality craftsmanship of the shoe, while also providing a sense of fun and a slight touch of femininity. 

The EL DORADO Ivory will be a darling addition to your wardrobe this spring!


At Saint Savoy, we are committed to making high quality vintage style shoes. We continually develop new shoe models and update our styles and colours to provide you with the most stylish and comfortable vintage style shoes imaginable. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for style inspiration and product updates!

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