­čÄâ Styles inspired by Halloween, Samhain & All Saints Day

Versatility, comfort, quality

Halloween is in the air and we’re inspired by these gorgeous models!

Whether you celebrate Halloween, Samhain, or All Saints Day, there’s just something special about mid-fall fashion and style when there’s a crispness in the air…

The change of season shifts our style focus to emphasize more warm and cozy fall colours. This year we’re really feeling the black and red vibes, but of course a variety of shades of brown, tan, orange, and deep purple are also stunning at this time of year.

So lovely and chic!

It’s a feast for the eyes and with our shoes, it’s also like a soft and comforting hug for your feet.

The look and texture of the snake printed kid leather of the RIVIERA Mamba shoes makes them a genuine vintage style eye-catcher! You will love the 3.5 cm heel, perfect for all sorts of occasions.

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA Mamba

The RUGCUTTER Burgundy is a classic Derby Cap Toe with an innovative 3-ply TPU sole, giving it a light and modern feel. Available in sizes 35 through 47! The removable insole is a dream.

­čĹë Click here for the RUGCUTTER Burgundy

Our RIVIERA FLAT Garnet makes a statement with two shades of red! The dual-colour style┬ámakes them very adaptable for both summer and fall and will quickly become the pair of shoes you find you’re always reaching for.

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA FLAT Garnet

Ribbon Ballerina Leopard Cheetah Vintage Retro Shoe Flat

Coming soon! These RIBBON BALLERINA Cheetah are purrrrrrrrfect for the Halloween season! The most comfortable Ballerinas with built-in heel wedge and soft cushioning. Stay tuned…

­čĹë Click here for the RIBBON BALLERINA Cheetah

Cinema Noire Vintage Shoe

Film noire for Halloween or our new CINEMA Noire shoes. These retro shoes combine gentle cushioning, high impact absorbance, flexibility, and the softest leather making them perfect for walking all day or dancing all night.

­čĹë Click here for the CINEMA Noire

Vintage Style Retro Shoe CINEMA Milkshake Saint Savoy

How about a Halloween milkshake? This is our new CINEMA Milkshake shoe and it’s gorgeous! A┬á4cm heel with an intricate cross-strap and airy perforations will make these your new favourites.

­čĹë Click here for the CINEMA Milkshake

El Dorado Shandy Brown Shoe

These uber-comfortable EL DORADO Shandy brogues in cognac-brown offer a modern twist on a classic. Excellent shock-absorbance, good stability, and a spring in your step. Perfect as we change seasons.

­čĹë Click here for the┬áEL DORADO Shandy

The warm and rich brown of our HIGHBALL In The Barn is the perfect shade to adapt to anything, from summer to fall, daywear to evening. If you want a shoe that can do it all, this is it!

­čĹë Click here for the┬áHIGHBALL In The Barn

These startling red t-strap heels are the RIVIERA HIGH Boudoir shoe ÔÇô ideal for dressing up and also the dance floor. Soft padding and a heel height of 5 cm make them perfect for all sorts of occasions!

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA HIGH Boudoir

The┬áPEGASUS Cohiba┬áis a classic full-leather derby that’s both eye catching and made of the highest quality.┬áWe refined a roughened leather sole with a rubber layer in the heel and cushioned the footbed softly for high-impact absorption.

­čĹë Click here for the PEGASUS Cohiba

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