­čî▒ Do you love the environment like we do?

We know you care about the environment, and we do too!

Protecting our planet and the animals on it is extremely important to me. We only have one Earth, and we must do what we can to preserve the environment.

To help achieve this, I am always thinking of ways I can make Saint Savoy more eco-friendly.

New, more eco-friendly RIVIERA Flats!

Our classic RIVIERA Flats are new and improved!

Now featuring a lining made with CHROME VI Free microfibre, these shoes are more eco-friendly and comfortable than ever.

The RIVIERA Flats are available in a range of colours, including the gorgeous Moviola, the dazzling Hologram, the head-turning Garnet, and the lush Scarab!

These elegant flats have enduring style. And with their cushy handmade footbed, wearing them is like a dream! They are fantastic footwear for everyday life or when you’re feeling fancy!

The Hunt for the Perfect Vegan Materials

I am constantly experimenting with alternative materials to leather

However, I have been very disappointed with most vegan alternatives. Some of them are made of pure synthetics or plastic materials. Their environmental footprint is higher than real leather, and the materials are not biodegradable. Other materials are too sweaty or not durable enough. So the hunt continues.

I test prototypes myself, like this prototype of the TONIC model.


There are a lot of vegan materials out there now, but I am not willing to compromise on the quality of Saint Savoy shoes by using subpar materials to be able to offer a ÔÇťveganÔÇŁ line.

The new lining of our RIVIERA Flats is a step in the right direction for our environment and your comfort. This microfibre mesh is an even better solution for a sock lining than leather. Breathable, soft, durable, and humidity-absorbing. Try it for yourself!

This kind of well-tested textile is what I will put more development into as an alternative to leather.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

From the beginning, we have used recyclable, non-bleached, non-coloured cardboard boxes and wrapping paper (instead of plastic packaging) for our worldwide shipping. These boxes are an investment, but they are worth the money! Many people reuse them because they are sturdy and have a classic design.

Put a spring into your step with our new cushy
yet snappy RIVIERA Flats!

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