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Greta Gardner & Saint Savoy

Our ever-so-popular RIVIERA shoes include a wide range to choose from.. and that includes flats! Whether you’re attracted to a touch of sparkle or prefer a matte finish, our vintage-inspired RIVIERA flat shoes cater to your every fashion need.

These shoes are a bestseller for several reasons. They have a contoured footbed with generous padding and a broad support area for the foot. People who spend extended periods walking or standing appreciate this comfort, which perfectly complements the timeless design. Not to mention, these flats are an exceptional partner on the dance floor, thanks to their full leather heel and sole.

As seen on Greta Gardner above, check out the stunning RIVIERA Garnet! This flat makes a statement with two shades of red! The front is a deep metallic ruby while the heel is a vibrant pink matte. This model is also available in different colours with a 3.5 and a 5 centimeter heel RIVIERA and RIVIERA HIGH.

Click here for the RIVIERA FLAT Garnet shoes

Flats lovers are going to fall for our RIVIERA FLAT Moviola shoes! They’re elegant and practical, perfect for everyday use – comfortable, gorgeous, and a dream to dance in. Enjoy the metallic black front contrasted with a warm zirconium heel. 

Click here for the RIVIERA FLAT Moviola shoes

With the festive season approaching, it’s the perfect moment to rediscover the elegance and versatility of fans, a classic classic accessory.

From special occasions to everyday use, a fan adds a touch of sophistication that never goes out of style, as seen here in this photo of Greta.

Explore our extensive collection of fans and elevate your ensemble with a touch of timeless grace:

Fall in love with the Hand-Fan “MOON” in Soft Gold. We have carved the “MOON” pattern into the slats, added an enchanting soft gold shimmer, and delicately engraved our logo on the top cover.

Click here for the Hand-Fan “MOON” in Soft Gold

Stay cool with the Hand Fan “FORTUNA” in Black! We have carved a good luck pattern “Fortuna” into the slats and delicately engraved our logo on the top cover.

The details are stunning and this shade is deep and lustrous. 

Click here for the Hand Fan “FORTUNA” in Black

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