Saint Savoy is Kickass Elegance!

Inspired by vintage styles, Saint Savoy is continually reinventing traditional shoe models
with custom soles and heels to make them ideal for dancing and everyday use!

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Graceful Dancewear

When we started to dance swing, we also fell in love with the unique atmosphere that surrounded us at the various dance events, inspired by the fashion of the swing era, the 1920s, 30s and 40s. From the Flappers of the 20s, the buttoned-up exuberance of the 30s, the fast-paced 40s and even to the wild boogie, jive and rock ‘n’ roll of the 50s.

The big band sound has been in our ears since our first Lindy Hop class. This was followed by various workshops with brilliant swing dancers from all over the world … Charleston, Shag, Balboa … until we noticed that some of our clothes fit into the swinging era, but were not always suitable for dancing … or vice versa.

After some bad purchases and a lot of research, we had the idea to open our own shop and produce shoes in which we ourselves like to dance!

Shoes Rock!

We produce exclusively under fair working conditions and with great attention to sustainability in selected companies in neighboring European countries to create a platform for dance fashion that we love … and hopefully you too!

Of course, our dancewear can also be worn as comfortable and elegant evening wear.

Our accessories are tried-and-true and the assortment extended with pleasure. Write us your wishes and suggestions – we love getting feedback!