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Subscribers, get these shoe models before they’re gone for good!

We’re spring cleaning! Here at Saint Savoy, we are making room for new shoes by phasing out some of our older, but much-loved, shoe models.

This is your last chance to shop these shoe models before they’re gone forever. If you had your eye on any of these models, now is the time to secure a pair or two, and for a bargain!

All of the following shoe models are ON SALE at a 10% discount *exclusively* for you, our newsletter subscribers, between now and May 31st!

Look radiant in ruby red! The RIVIERA Ruby is a sensual, sophisticated shoe that can dress up any outfit. It is a must-have for every vintage style lover!

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA Ruby

The RIVIERA Green is a one-of-a-kind shoe in vivid green. You’ll look like an emerald sweetheart when you step onto the dance floor in these vibrant vintage style heels.

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA Green

The RIVIERA Sky is a darling shoe with a classic 1920s design. It is perfect for a soft „something blue“ at your vintage wedding or a night spent dancing up a storm.

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA Sky

Add a touch of glam to your wardrobe with the RIVIERA Quicksilver. These sturdy and sparkly 3.5 cm heels make a statement with their metallic suede and kid leather.

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA Quicksilver

The RIVIERA Cafe is the perfect everyday shoe. Its strong 3.5 cm heel and gentle cushioning make it a delight to wear, and its warm two-toned exterior goes with everything!

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA Cafe

Looking for a stylish, comfortable heel? Look no further than the RIVIERA HIGH Black Pearl. This shoe has gentle cushioning, impact absorbance, and a flexible sole.

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA HIGH Black Pearl

Strut, dance, and have fun in the gorgeous RIVIERA HIGH Cherry Tan! These 5 cm heels are strikingly beautiful and incredibly supportive with padded soles.

👉 Click here for the RIVIERA HIGH Cherry Tan

The EDEN Rosé is a delightful peep-toe heel that features frosted pink and soft matte cream leather. Its eccentric style and soft feminine colours make it ideal for spring!

👉 Click here for the EDEN Rosé

The EDEN Jungle is a beautiful 1940s-style shoe with asymmetric dark metallic green and black leather. This shoe makes a statement while also being able to adapt to any outfit.

👉 Click here for the EDEN Jungle

Channel your inner princess with the WEST Champagne. The pearly champagne colour of these stunning heels will add a beautiful touch to every outfit.

👉 Click here for the WEST Champagne

Turn heads in the sleek, sensual WEST Red. Their classic shape, small cutouts, and supple kid leather perfectly complement both modern and vintage looks.

👉 Click here for the WEST Red

WEST Black

Dress up your outfit to the office or take these heels out dancing; the WEST Black is an effortlessly beautiful shoe you can break out for every occasion.

👉 Click here for the WEST Black

Take to the dance floor in the GRAND PRIX Monza! These flat t-strap shoes will keep you comfortable all night long thanks to their padded footbed and gentle elastic bands.

👉 Click here for the GRAND PRIX Monza

The JITTERDOLL Black is a timelessly elegant shoe. It is classy, nostalgic, and incredibly comfortable, thanks to its supple kid leather and interior padding.

👉 Click here for the JITTERDOLL Black

The bold red HIGHBALL In The Heart is a darling addition to any wardrobe. The intricate woven leather bands create a delicate look while giving your feet ventilation.

👉 Click here for the HIGHBALL In The Heart

The RUGCUTTER Crocodile will put a skip in your step! This unisex shoe is a gorgeous deep green and features a 3-ply TPU sole. It is comfortable and colourful—the perfect combination!

👉 Click here for the RUGCUTTER Crocodile

The COMET Aubergine is a traditional men’s shoe with a lavish purple colour. The leather sole is perfect for sliding and gliding across the dance floor.

👉 Click here for the COMET Aubergine

Don’t wait, get your dream shoes before they’re gone!
Sale ends May 31, 2022.
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