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2020 Reflections…

2020 was an unsettling year for many of us, but it was not all bad. [...]

A touch of glamour

How about just a touch of glamour to start off the week? [...]

Summer Edition of RIVIERA in MINT

We have a little treat for you: the Summer Edition of RIVIERA in MINT. [...]


These brand new beauties are going to Herräng tomorrow! We will have them in our [...]

Saturday night – the new RIVIERA Tar

Saturday night – the new RIVIERA Tar is now online! [...]

Chase Festival, Heidelberg

Find the fabulous Maren doing her magic at our sales stall in Heidelberg with a [...]

RIVIERA Bonsai Eco is out now!

RIVIERA Bonsai Eco is out now! Our first non-leather and eco-friendly dance shoe. It will [...]

So much sunshine

Great dancers in new shoes! [...]

Going to BB Dance Camp

BB Dance Camp, we are coming with the really big car this year. Meet us [...]


Happy Sunday We have not had time to photograph the new EL DORADO Ivory yet, [...]

Working outside

On sunny days I get to work outside! [...]

BB Dance Camp

Looking forward to this huge event in Bavaria next weekend! Meet us at the BB [...]

HIGHBALL in the dark

Please help me decide: it’s either punctured leather on tip & heel or suede for [...]

Riviera Stardust is back!

Riviera Stardust is back in all sizes… and there is more to come… [...]

In the warehouse

In general I am very proud of my team and like to think of myself [...]

Prague Spring Swing Festival 2018

Prague PSSF we are bringing the good stuff! Also everybody here in Vienna, our homebase, [...]


Spring is coming, really!! HIGHBALL In The Woods- out soon. [...]

PEGASUS Black. A classic.

PEGASUS Black. A classic. Got a few pairs ready and back in stock online. (… [...]


SweetSwing , we are all set for you! [...]


BERLIN BALBOA Weekend  we will be there with a small selection on Saturday. Dickes B, [...]