These gents understand style & comfort!

If you’re looking for vintage men’s style shoes like brogues and other classic men’s shoes, check out this amazing selection!

“My favorite thing about Saint Savoy shoes is their versatility. I wear them around town in my everyday clothes so I’m always ready for a dance party. You’ll never hear me say, ‘I left my dance shoes at home.'” ~ Kevin St. Laurent from iLindy.com

This timeless PEGASUS successfully unites traditional and modernity. The cut is dynamic and comfortable, suited to all types of occasions, and ready for daily wear with a brushed leather sole. Your joints will be pampered by the added impact absorption in the heel and a removable insole.

“They’re my favourite shoes.”  ~ Remy Kouakou Kouame

Available in sizes 35 to 47! The RUGCUTTER Burgundy is a classic Derby Cap Toe in unconventional and very stylish colours.

Our innovative 3-ply TPU sole gives it a light and modern feel that is highly comfortable and achieves ideal floor performance in all sorts of conditions.

“This is hands down my favorite dance shoe, so comfortable and so good looking!!!”
~ Ronnie from Live. Collegiate.Shag

Available in sizes 35 to 47! The EL DORADO is one of our most popular shoes. It’s a Longwing Brogue – an exquisite design stylishly suited to everywhere from the dance floor to the meeting room.
 You won’t find a more comfortable shoe anywhere!

UNISEX & Size Inclusivity

These shoes aren’t just for men! Whenever possible, we carry a wide range of sizing for our shoes, from sizes 35 to 47! Because inclusivity matters.

Comfort, Style, Practicality

One of the best things about so many of our gentlemen’s cut shoes is that the padded, leather-sheathed insole can be removed for drying or replacement after extensive use. It can also make breaking in the shoe more comfortable to temporarily take out the insole!

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