­čśŹ Your favourites are back!

The wait is over for these gorgeous and popular models.

So many people had been asking when these popular styles of RIVIERA, HIGHBALL and TONIC shoes would be back in stock.
Good news, they’re back!

RIVIERA Terracotta, RIVIERA Quicksilver, RIVIERA FLAT Hologram, RIVIERA Ruby, HIGHBALL in the Dark, HIGHBALL in there Barn, TONIC Mustard, and TONIC Alloy!

Riviera Terracotta Vintage Style Ladies Shoe Retro Dance Comfortable Mid Heel Leather

These RIVIERA Terracotta heels are a natural-warm burnt orange that will complement your vintage style outfits perfectly. Inspired by 1920s shoes, they have gentle cushioning, excellent impact absorbance, and flexible soles.

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA Terracotta

The RIVIERA Quicksilver shoes are true chameleons and adapt beautifully with all sorts of colour and fashion choices. The front portion is a very dark metallic lead contrasting with a smooth light grey heel.

­čĹë Click here for the RUGCUTTER┬áQuicksilver

Elegant flats, that are perfect for everyday use ÔÇô comfortable, gorgeous, and a dream to dance in. The RIVIERA FLAT Hologram silver t-strap shoe is the flat version of our most popular model.

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA┬áFLAT Hologram

These eye-catching sparkling RIVIERA Ruby shoes could definitely star in the Wizard of Oz!┬áThey’re a deep and rich shade of a ruby red like a gemstone; a perfect deep and shiny tone.

­čĹë Click here for the RIVIERA Ruby

You will love these black lace-up heels inspired by a model of 1930s shoes! The HIGHBALL In The Dark shoes provide solid support, while intricate woven leather bands create a delicate look and excellent ventilation for your busy feet.

­čĹë Click here for the┬áHIGHBALL In The Dark

The warm and rich brown of our HIGHBALL In The Barn is the perfect shade to adapt to anything, from summer to fall, daywear to evening. If you want a shoe that can do it all, this is it! Plus these beautiful shoes are suitable for wider feet.

­čĹë Click here for the┬áHIGHBALL In The Barn

Tonic Mustard. yellow leather high heel shoe with soft footbed comfortable fit

Fall in love with this gorgeous colour! TONIC Mustard is a graceful model with a comfortable fit that also suits wider feet. The front foot is stabilized through to the instep, and the extra-long cut of the heel allows the center buckle to really shine.

­čĹë Click here for the┬áTONIC Mustard

TONIC Alloy is inspired by vintage shoe styles and improved with modern techniques. This 5cm heeled shoe has a roomy cut and extra-soft padding that gives wider and demanding feet the comfort they deserve.

­čĹë Click here for the TONIC Alloy

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