­čĹ× Scoot around town in these new styles!

Check out the new SCOOTER shoe!

This is the authentic vintage flair slip-on flat you’ve been looking for; a comfortable loafer┬áthat will immediately give your retro wardrobe a boost.

With a natural rubber sole that has been fashionable since the 1930s and made with superb┬áworkmanship and natural materials, you’ll never want to take these shoes off again! The SCOOTER is available in oxhide or ÔÇö as part of our vegan collection ÔÇö in textile.┬áSustainable, beautiful, and perfect for all kinds of activities!┬á

­čĹë┬áSCOOTER Candy

­čĹë┬áSCOOTER Messenger

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