­čîł A Rainbow of Summer Favourites!

In Vienna we celebrate PRIDE in late May and early June, and we know that in many places PRIDE is being celebrated throughout the month of June. What a great time to share our appreciation for our LGBTQIA+ friends while also enjoying some of our colourful summer favourites!

The Saint Savoy RIVIERA – Our Most Popular Model!

Our RIVIERA is such a popular model, we carry it in a wide array of colours and also with three different heel heights; flats, regular low heel, or high heel.
The vintage style t-strap shoes are a classic ÔÇô ideal for everyday use and the dance floor. With their soft padding, they’re perfect for all sorts of occasions!


This colour is our bestseller for a good reason: Think of just the slightest touch of pixie stardust that magically adapts to whatever youÔÇÖre wearing.

> See the RIVIERA Stardust <


Of course we had DorothyÔÇÖs Ruby Slippers in mind when we chose this wonderful soft shimmering red kid leather.

> See the RIVIERA Ruby <


This is a blue that pops! The colour is the richest shade of pure, clean, vibrant blue falling somewhere between Azure and Sapphire.

> See the RIVIERA Azzurro <


These shades of mauve are so vintage! If you love pastels, this is 100% for you. Also beautiful for brides!

> See the RIVIERA Lilac <


These heels in a natural-warm chocolate tone with a hint of burnt orange to complement your vintage style outfits perfectly.

> See the RIVIERA Chocolat <

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