News from Saint Savoy Dancewear

BB Dance Camp

Looking forward to this huge event in Bavaria next weekend! Meet us at the BB [...]

HIGHBALL in the dark

Please help me decide: it’s either punctured leather on tip & heel or suede for [...]

Riviera Stardust is back!

Riviera Stardust is back in all sizes… and there is more to come… [...]

In the warehouse

In general I am very proud of my team and like to think of myself [...]

Prague Spring Swing Festival 2018

Prague PSSF we are bringing the good stuff! Also everybody here in Vienna, our homebase, [...]


Spring is coming, really!! HIGHBALL In The Woods- out soon. [...]

PEGASUS Black. A classic.

PEGASUS Black. A classic. Got a few pairs ready and back in stock online. (… [...]


SweetSwing , we are all set for you! [...]


BERLIN BALBOA Weekend  we will be there with a small selection on Saturday. Dickes B, [...]

El Dorado

One more for the gents! EL DORADO, coming in April. [...]

SweetSwing Ljublijana

SweetSwing Ljublijana, we’re comin‘ to getcha!! [...]

COMET Midnight

COMET Midnight is back in stock! [...]

Gunhild Carling

My lovely Gunhild Carling got a few pairs of shoes tonight. What a performance! ❤❤❤ [...]

Coming to Rock your Swing!

Coming to Rock your Swing! See you later Munich!! [...]

Vegan Riviera model

Many of our clients have been awaiting the launch of our vegan line scheduled for [...]

Pegasus Cohiba

My favorite time of day, the evening sun is out and I got 12 pairs [...]

I adore you GRACE!

I adore you GRACE! You are so elegant, you comfort me and make me dance [...]

Rock That Swing Festival

Saint Savoy Dancewear wants to show you a fine selection of goods at the ROCK [...]

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! And remember, there is nothing you can’t do in a pair of [...]