­čśŹ Coming *very* soon…

The newest shoes to the Saint Savoy family are almost ready for launch!

Just look at these vintage-inspired beauties:

Retro, Vintage Style Ladies Shoe Brown Cream
MODEL 7 Vintage Style shoe Black
Ladies Shoe, Retro , Vintage Style green , Blue, Cream, White, Leather

Name:┬á“MODEL 7”

These shoes will be available very soon. They’re┬áengineered for comfort and an excellent option for wider or more sensitive feet. You will love the soft padding and leather upper ÔÇö a shoe that is as comfortable as it is beautiful!

Watch your inbox for the release!

I’m excited to tell you about our new 4-WAY BAG!

We needed a lightweight backpack big enough for a laptop that could double as a purse and look fabulous with all of our beloved vintage fashions. This bag is the answer!

Bag Backpack Cool colors

Practical and lightweight, with adjustable leather straps and high-quality retro fabric, this carry-all closes with a zip and has a quilted inner pocket for all your important little things… not to mention your laptop! We have also added a contrasting zipper and a small leather-lined inside pocket to keep all your valuables safe.

There are four different ways to wear this versatile bag, which can be adjusted in no time at all:

  1. Purse
  2. Shoulder bag
  3. Backpack
  4. Cross-body bag

The 4-WAY BAG is available in two colourways:

  • Warm colour combo: Gold, brown, black, cream, red
  • Cool colour combo: Silver, blue, black, yellow, grey

This bag is carefully handcrafted from European leather and high-grade cotton by a family-run business in Spain.

For the perfect marriage of classic style and contemporary comfort, wear Saint Savoy!

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