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Oh so pretty! @lady_ellafox is making us miss summer already. Looking lovely in her RIVIERA [...]


This is one of my favourite pictures of Mandi Gould. Here she is wearing the [...]

HIGHBALL In The Heart Shoes

Jennifer from customer care looks smashing in her HIGHBALL In The Heart shoes! ⠀ ⠀ [...]

RIVIERA High Shoes in Cherry Tan

@gunhildcarling is all kinds of chic in this end-of-summer ensemble that pairs beautifully with her RIVIERA [...]

RIVIERA Shoes in Delice

We just love the way @mistyyvintage styled her pink dress with our RIVIERA shoes in Delice! Nice [...]


A beautiful photo taken by @j_s_almonte of @pintscized (wearing RIVIERA Cafe) & her partner, Juan. ⠀ [...]


@vivivonwelt is one of my favorite models. I love the way she breaks the rules and [...]

Wearing RIVIERA Green 💚 ⠀

@tasha_b_va bringing dance, joy, and style! ⠀ ⠀ Wearing RIVIERA Green 💚 ⠀ [...]

RIVIERA Shoes and Hand-Fan

This is Sandra Krulis. She managed to coordinate her Saint Savoy Hand-Fan “GARDENIAS”, RIVIERA shoes, [...]

WEST Shoes

Bringing style to the @sunsidefoodtruck in a gorgeous ensemble, perfected by our WEST shoes! You [...]

RIVIERA HIGH Nugget shoes

@aqua_marlene looks so chic in this ensemble that pairs perfectly with the RIVIERA HIGH Nugget [...]

Riviera Sky

Meet Jennifer Enzmann! Jenni is in charge of our customer care. Have you had the [...]

RIVIERA Quicksilver

So gorgeous and happy! @msadriennec thank you for making your RIVIERA Quicksilver shoes part of your special [...]

RIVIERA Delice Shoes

What a fun photo of @agggnieszka showing off her RIVIERA Delice shoes! [...]

Wedding Day

Congratulations Elena Lombardi on your recent marriage and thank you for making Saint Savoy shoes [...]

GRACE Nougat Shoes

We love seeing Devon Hamblett pair her GRACE Nougat shoes with a parasol. So elegant! [...]


These elegant looks from @missbamboo3 are making us look forward to cooler weather! Not to [...]

Riviera Something Blue

A beautiful bride who has added the finishing touch of “Something Blue” to her vintage [...]

RIVIERA Quicksilver

Lounging in the perfect summer chair wearing the perfect shoes! We hope you’re enjoying your [...]


Summer vibes! Thank you @miss_bella_sophia for tagging us in your photos so we can enjoy [...]