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Partner Links
Trisha Sewell

Trisha Sewell (UK) 

International performing arts instructor and choreographer specializing in vintage dance.

Katja Završnik Hrastar

Katja Završnik Hrastar (SI) 

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and a lot more, active worldwide. Also, our personal style-icon!

Savoy Hop

Savoy Hop (UK) 

Hottest Brownsugamamma Swing dance school in the UK.
Prague Swing Festival Prague Swing Festivals (CZ)

Most glamorous Swing Events in Prague twice a year.

Some Like It Hot Some Like It Hot (AT)

Inspirational swing dance association and events in Vienna.

Swing Aut Swing Aut (AT)
Dom & Noras refreshingly aspirational swing dance school
Kevin & Jo Kevin & Jo (US)
Kevin St.Laurent & Jo Hofberg  – Freaking’ fabulous!

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