Sustainability, Ethics & Values at Saint Savoy

Are ethics and sustainability important to you? Because these values are very important to us here at Saint Savoy!

Our Production Ethics

At Saint Savoy, we hold the manufacturing methods of our products to very high ethical standards and select the materials we use according to both durability and sustainability.

Rani - Sustainability

All of the leather we acquire complies with German environmental standards, which are very strict concerning water waste, animal protection, and heavy metal content. This is also one of the reasons why we work solely with European components.

Rani - Sustainability

Our company, located in Vienna, is run by women giving opportunities to women is something we value highly. We take special production steps that include giving in-home employment to senior citizen ladies and working moms so they can earn some extra money from home.

Work ethic is very important to all of us here. We have outsourced to upcycling companies and integration projects.

Rani - Sustainability

We proudly ensure that our packaging and shoeboxes are made from recycled paper, plastic packaging is minimized, leatherwork follows German PCP Regulations, and working conditions for our shoemakers are fair. We also offer a vegan line, which we are currently expanding.

These are just some of the ways that we help take care of both people and the planet. 🌎💚

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