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JACK Bourbon

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JACK is timeless and athletic. Perforations in the all-leather upper combined with a softly padded oxhide lining ensure a comfortable and breathable fit. The slight heel rise is recommended by orthopaedic specialists for good posture, absorbs impact, and lets you move freely on a wide range of floor surfaces.

This model ia also suitable for wider feet. It comes with two pairs of laces in different colours and is adorned with the characteristic SAINT SAVOY eyelet. The shoe bag they are delivered with will also come in handy!


We have created a dance sneaker made of the very best materials with the advantages of a synthetic sole: a soft, breathable upper with joint-friendly sneaker cushioning.

JACK for men and JILL for women are almost identical counterpart models for each gender. Both models come with two pairs of laces in different colours and are decorated with the characteristic SAINT SAVOY eyelet.


Heel height: 1.2 cm

Sole: Poly Sender Sole

Weight: ca. 650 g

Footbed: removable padded leather insole

Upper: perforated genuine oxhide

Colours: bourbon, navy blue, olive

Special features: extra pair of shoelaces in a contrasting colour, SAINT SAVOY eyelet, shoe bag