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This model is a classic Brogue cut in playful yet classy colour combinations. We united it with our specially designed Sender Sole to create a light, contemporary look with perfect floor performance.
The 1.2-centimetre heel rise is good for your posture, and the materials used absorb the impacts of dynamic movement.
These dance shoes are made entirely of genuine oxhide. The insole is padded and sheathed in fine leather.

These shoes are adorned with the SAINT SAVOY eyelet, and come with a shoe bag and extra shoelaces in a contrasting colour to add a touch of variety.

This all got started with the LEAD model for men and FOLLOW for women. Our initial inspiration was the desire to create a dance shoe combining modern functionality with the elegance of the early 20th century.

This shoe has a narrower cut and is good for slim feet.


Heel height: 1.2 cm

Sole: Poly Sender Sole

Weight: ca. 600 g

Footbed: padded leather insole

Upper: fine oxhide

Special features: SAINT SAVOY eyelet and an extra pair of shoelaces in a contrasting colour