Celebrating Vintage Style Shoes for Women

In honour of International Women’s Day on March 8th, this month we’re celebrating vintage style shoes for women!

There’s nothing like a good pair of vintage style shoes to bring together a woman’s outfit. Whether it’s a pair of heels, a pair of flats, or something in between, the right vintage shoes are the perfect way to add sophistication and glamour to any wardrobe.

Luckily for women who love vintage style, vintage style reproduction shoes come in an assortment of beautiful designs, with something to fit everyone’s taste! Here are just a few examples that combine classic vintage style with modern features for your comfort:


The WEST is one of our most popular models, and for good reason! The design of all WEST models is feminine and alluring. This shoe is the epitome of subtle drama with its t-strap and peepholes.

Not only is the WEST incredibly stylish, but it’s also extremely comfortable! The padded insole and supple kid leather softly cushion your feet as you go about your day. And the stable heel and centre strap ensure your feet remain stable and secure.

The WEST comes in three timeless colours: cheery and twinkling Champagne, show-stopping Red, and dignified Black.

Here Ava Elderwood shows off the exquisite WEST Black model.


The EDEN marries the best in vintage design with contemporary style. These exceptional shoes are classic peep toes that feature dynamic asymmetry in contrasting colours.

All EDEN models have excellent support for your ankles and heels with their sturdy heels and fitted ankle straps. Even better, the EDEN has dreamlike padding for your heels and toes, as well as a spacious toe box.

The EDEN is available in several eye-catching colour combinations, including adaptable Rosé, sleek and moody Jungle, and effortless Snowball.

Here on Greta Gardener, you can see the sumptuous shine of the EDEN Jungle.


For the vivacious woman who wants a unique shoe, we offer the HIGHBALL. The HIGHBALL is a stand-out shoe with its intricate woven bands and ankle-high design. Anywhere you go, these shoes are sure to impress!

The HIGHBALL models are very luxurious but also very comfortable. They look delicate but are extremely sturdy at the same time. The cut and lacing of the HIGHBALL makes it suitable for a host of foot shapes, even wider feet!

The HIGHBALL comes in a great range of colours that can blend seamlessly into any wardrobe. Looking for an ageless neutral? Look at In The Dark or In The Barn. Rich pops of colour? Try In The Navy, In The Woods, or In The Heart.

Here you can see the HIGHBALL In the Barn on Molly MollyPie.


Sitting at 5 cm, the RIVIERA HIGH is the shoe for women who want that extra bit of height and polish. All RIVIERA models have a perennially-stylish t-strap design inspired by 1920s shoes.

The high heel and elegance of the RIVIERA HIGH makes it a tremendously versatile shoe, well-suited for everyday outfits and special occasions alike.

The RIVIERA HIGH models are also perfect for activities both indoors and outdoors. Why? These shoes have supple soles, soft cushioning, wonderful impact absorption, and a centred, solid base.

These shoes are available in a diverse array of colours, like flamboyant Boudoir, lustruous Nugget, and refined Cherry Tan.

Here Ava Elderwood wears the opulent Black Pearl.


If you don’t like heels, our women’s vintage style shoes also come in flats! The RIVIERA FLAT puts a twist on the popular RIVIERA look, featuring a 1.5 cm heel. These shoes have the same timeless sophistication, just a bit closer to the ground.

Like our other shoes, the RIVIERA FLAT offers supreme comfort and support. All models have a robust base, gentle cushioning, and excellent shock absorbance for the dance floor and more.

The RIVIERA FLAT in any colour is an impeccable addition to any wardrobe! Kick it in the vibrant Scarab or Garnet. Or to have all eyes on you in a shoe with sheen, the Hologram and Moviola are both amazing options.

Here Greta Gardener can be seen in the stunning RIVIERA FLAT Garnet.


All Saint Savoy shoes are a celebration of and a love letter to vintage style shoes, with loving attention to detail from initial design and testing to finished product and delivery!

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